Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Coming Of Jesus: 2000 Years and Counting.

In roughly twenty-three years from now, we will be marking the two thousandth year that Jesus was crucified upon the cross in Jerusalem. Christians are mostly of two minds when considering this fact. A good portion of the charismatic (ie crazy ones) ones all clamor and start talking about the time for Armageddon and the second coming. The second group of more moderate Christians like to revel in the fact that their religion is so old.

Let's liken Jesus to a friend of yours. He takes you to a local pharmacy, keeps the car running and says "I'll be back". You wait there and wait and wait some more. Finally, the car eventually runs out of gas and it's cold outside. At some point, you are going to mutter to yourself - "F*** it, he's not coming back." Except in this harsh reality, it has not been a few hours, or a day or a week or a year. It has been two thousand years! How much longer do you need before you finally face the fact?

Don't even think about complaining to your Jewish neighbor about this. It is not just because he doesn't want to hear about Jesus. He's been waiting a whole lot longer for his own Messiah. It's been closer to four thousand years for him. Jesus did not make the cut for him and Jesus was Jewish.

Come on. You cannot blame human beings for being skeptics after two thousand years. Why the long wait? There must be something better going on in the universe out there for Jesus not to have shown up by now. If he ascended to heaven and heaven is a billion light years away, we might still be able to get a good look at him out in the cosmos with one of our high powered telescopes. Anyhow, for now the wait is still on.

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