Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roger Federer Passes Torch To Rafael Nadal; Accidentally Burns His Knees

SATIRE — In a closed ATP award ceremony in Toronto, Canada last night, Roger Federer was given a torch that he was to hand over to Rafael Nadal to congratulate him on being the new world's number one in tennis.
As Nadal waited awkwardly, Roger made his way up the steps towards the podium with the flaming torch.  However, Federer missed the last step and fell forward towards Nadal's knees.
It seemed like it was a moment frozen in time with Roger holding the torch on Rafa's knees.   However in reality it was a good minute and it actually looked like Roger was out doing a good barbecue.
"Arrgghh!!!"  Nadal winced out in pain.  "My knis!!!  My knis.", he screamed out.
Roger dropped the torch and went to Nadal's aid as did most of people there.  After a few more minutes, they decided to put Rafa in a stretcher and whisk him off to the hospital.
Before Rafa left, he made a desperate hand motion towards the torch which was still burning on the floor.  Roger picked up the torch.
"Don't worry Rafa.  Take a good year off to recuperate and umm.. you know, it looks like you won't be needing this now, right?  I mean, I'll hold on to it until...umm you know ... you feel you think you can come back and get it again, you know?
"I mean, it will be interesting to see if you can come back, you know.  So don't worry it is in good hands should you come back, you know?  Okay, thanks and bye and umm.. I will be by for a visit after the next grand slam okay?

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