Monday, May 25, 2009

The Man in Pink (Rafael Nadal Gangsta Rap)

SATIRE — Sung to the melody of "Men In Black" by Will Smith.

I am de man in pink (mip, mip ah jes)
Hard not to remember
I am de man in pink
Tank you Roger Federer

Di Spaniard dress in pink
Make jou tink
Jus in case we play and I make jou stink
Di title held by me, mip

Mean jou tink jou win but jou will see
Don blink cos jou will be sent home by me
Dis pink top gonna make jou da real fi-fi
Walk on da dirt, I get much bedder
Give da bagel to Roger Federer

I scratch di bum when I got da itch
Goin to do battle wid da Djokovic
In the end he gonna be my bi***
But jo, I don’t mind to give a wink
Coz, I da man in pink

I am da man in pink
From Augus to September
I am da man in pink
Jou cant control jour member

Aha aha, Jes Jes!!
Now from the deepest part of di clay
Jou tink jou win da point but I say “Ay”
Jou know dat I gonna win
Coz jou cannot return my forehand topspin

Di man in pink
Di man in pink

Let me see jou slide wid me
Slide wid me
Vamos, jus hit wid me
Hit wid me
Now lose!


Alright Check dis
Let me tell jou in closing
Jou know dat I am imposing
But trus me, when I show jou da door
Mean da French Open trophee was never yours
Coz I get to places jou cannot belief
I return da ball dat jou cannot see

I’m da man in
I’m da man in….

I am da man in pink
Da French Open Defender
I am da man in pink
Hard not to ramember....

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