Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anusol Seeks Rafael Nadal For Lucrative Deal (Humor)

SATIRE — A company spokesman for the product Anusol has confirmed that it is seeking a major deal to become one of Rafael Nadal's chief sponsors.
"He's been holding out on us for a long time but we are going to get him in the end.", the spokesman said.
When asked about it, Nadal was unusually blunt.  "Well, dey wan to put a face on my famos ass.  I want to be famos but not for my famos ass. To me, it is important dat dis company can see me as more dan nomber 1 but also nomber 2."
"I was de nomber two for long time but now I number one so maybe I no need da product, no? "
When asked why Anusol was pursuing Nadal for product endorsement, the spokesman replied, "When you see Rafa grimacing after a shot, or deeply disappointed after losing a point, his facial features embodies the type of person who really, really needs our product." 
"Plus the fact that he is a great athlete and never gives up.  He fights every point like it is match point.  His tenacity and determined doggedness are unmatched by any of his peers on the tennis circuit."
The spokesman paused for a minute, pondering.  "Oh yeah, he also picks his ass."

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