Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal Lockeroom Chat

SATIRE — Somewhere between matches in a certain tournament, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal may have had this verbal exchange:
Nadal: Hola Rog!
Federer: Hi Rafa.
Nadal: Jou feeling better dese days?
Federer: I am fine. Why?
Nadal: De last I see jou, jou cry like a bambino, no?
Federer: Uh, you are speaking about the Australian Open.
Nadal: Jes, de tournament dat I wun and dat jou rained on.
Federer: Listen here you little rump-scratcher.
Nadal: Rum-scratcher?(Looks around) Puede cualquier persona traducir? Sorry Rog. I hef no idea what dat is. So, you tink you gonna whip my famous ass in de finals?
Federer: You know it.
Nadal: Just in case I win, I bring you someteeng.
Federer: What?
Nadal: A box of teasuse.
Federer: Very funny and I will bring you something.
Nadal: Que?
Federer: Your uncle Tony's underwear so you can have a better fit.
Nadal: Jes, Mirka gonna love dat.
Federer: You bastard! And in case you don't know that English word, "hibrido!"  I looked that up. You have me soooo angry. I am going to take you to five sets at the French Open!
Nadal: Oh Roger, jou got sense of umor when jou mad.
Federer: I am not mad.
Nadal: Jes, you har
Federer: No, I am not.
Nadal: Jes.
Federer: Alright I am mad.
Nadal: See, I win again. Roger, no cry heh?
Federer: That's it. I will see you in the tiebreak of the fifth set of the French and you better hope my first serve breaks down like it did in the Australian Open.
Nadal: Fine with me but jou know what I always say at end of da French Open.
Federer: What?
Nadal: Tankyuverymuch.
Federer: Yes I have to admit that your speeches say it all.
Nadal: No. My playing say it all!
Federer: Oh, join a toastmasters club already!
Nadal: Tankyuverymuch. I say dat when I hef no more English.
Federer: Whatever.
Nadal: Tankyuverymuch!
Federer: Shut up already!
Nadal: Rog, jou know I tank los of people for my six grandslam; my uncle Tony, my family, but I forget one person to tank.
Federer: Who is that?
Nadal: Jou, Roger!
Federer: Me? Well, um, that is nice.
Nadal: Jes, jou da bes player in heestory. Let me win all six, haha.
Federer: God, this is killing me!
Nadal: Tankyouverrymuch!
Federer: Okay I am out of here.
Nadal: Tankyouverymuch!
(Federer leaves while Nadal keeps saying "Tankyouverymuch" to himself alone in the locker room.)

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